Salvage Tanks - Not Usable for propane

About our Salvage Tanks

Although we try to rebuild most tanks that come into our yard, there are occasions when we receive tanks that can no longer be used for propane storage because of the condition of the tank.

The condition of these tanks varies from excellent tanks that are simply missing a data plate to rusty, beat up old tanks.

Although these tanks are not suitable for propane storage they can be used for other purposes like air storage, gas/diesel storage, smokers, culverts, cattle feed trays and many other projects.

Our inventory of salvage tanks is ever changing, so please call for availability of salvage tanks.

Additional Information

  • These tanks are sold as is.
  • Prices are subject to change.
  • We are located in Kingfisher OK. We do not deliver single tanks, only full semi loads at $5.15 per mile
    We do not recommend dealers in other areas of the country, because we do not know if they sell tanks to individuals or not.

Crafted by BLT Tanks

Some of our employees like to show their creative side while recycling salvage propane tanks. These items sell fast. Please call for availability. All items for pickup only. Prices subject to change.

Items Crafted by BLT Tanks from salvage tanks

Click to see items Crafted by BLT Tanks employees.

Salvage Pricing Estimates

CANNOT use for
propane storage

420lb Upright
Size: 30″x54″
Shell Thickness: .12-.18
Price: $100

120 Gallon
Size: 24″x68″
Shell Thickness: .1875
Price: $100

150 Gallon
Size: 24″x78″
Shell Thickness: .1875
Price: $150

250 Gallon
Size: 30″x96″
Shell Thickness: .25-.32
Price: $200

330 Gallon
Size: 30″x120″
Shell Thickness: .25-.32
Price: $250

500 Gallon
Size: 37″x120″
Shell Thickness: .28-.32
Price: $400

500 Gallon
Size: 30″x156″
Shell Thickness: .28-.32
Price: $400

500 Gallon
Size: 41″x104″
Shell Thickness: .28-.32
Price: $400

1000 Gallon
Size: 41″x192″
Shell Thickness: .28-.34
Price: $800