Pickup and Delivery

We are improving our efforts to meet the volume and delivery schedule of all of our customer’s needs. All pickups should be scheduled before 2PM on weekdays.

Please call at least one day ahead to make sure we have the tank you are looking for in stock and to schedule your pickup appointment.

With our custom-made racks, we are able to carry the following on a load:

  • 54 – 250-gallon tanks
  • 45 – 330-gallon tanks
  • 29 – 500-gallon tanks
  • 15 – 1000-gallon tanks


Additional Information

  • Tanks are up to 48 inches in diameter.


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Approximate Weight and Size of Tanks

250 Gallons:
New: 400 lbs
Used: 600 lbs
Length: 8 Feet

500 Gallons:
New: 850 lbs
Used 1200 lbs
Length: 10 Feet

1000 Gallons:
New: 1780 lbs
Used 2700 lbs
Length: 16 Feet