Commercial Sales

BLT Tanks offers quality new and rebuilt tanks at volume discounts to commercial customers. Call to check on availability and delivery schedules. With the demand for tanks at this time, we are doing our best to provide our customers with a supply of tanks. We are working off a waiting list to provide tanks to as many of our regular customers as possible.

We continually maintain our inventory for all sizes of tanks. Manufacturers and dates of manufacturer vary weekly. We stock various sizes and shapes of tanks, including standard top mount, side mount and end mount tanks.

Rebuilt tanks are shot-blasted, primed and painted. We use RegO® valves, kit and lubricate gauges and clean data plates. All tanks have steel domes and are pressure tested and methanol treated.

Three hours of unloading time are included with paid freight. Additional unloading time will be in cash to the driver at the rate of $150 per hour or any part of an hour.

Total amount due must be paid in full on all out of state orders by Electronic Funds Transfer a minimum of 10 days prior to loading for pickup or delivery.

No delivery or loading on Sundays. Delivery date is determined by electronic funds transfer date, volume of deliveries already scheduled and/or weather conditions.

Tanks paid in full must be picked up within 60 days, unless delivery arrangements have been scheduled and paid. Otherwise, a 1% per week holding fee is required after 60 days.

We accept checks drawn on Oklahoma banks up to $2,000. All checks will be converted to electronic funds. Orders in excess of this amount will require electronic funds transfer. Returned checks will incur a 5% fee plus a 2% per month charge of the original purchase price until paid in full, with a minimum charge of 7%.

Upon payment in USD, the customer acknowledges the property described is in good order and agrees to assume all liability should legal action become necessary in the collection of this account. After transfer of ownership, manufacturer and seller assume no other liability for loss or damage, in case of fire, theft or any other causes beyond our control. The manufacturer warrants new parts for one year. BLT Tanks will maintain ownership until tanks have been received.

Sell your Pressure Vessels

BLT Tanks will broker your storage tank up to 30,000 gallons. Most times we have a list of customers looking for good used storage in many areas of the country.

Purchase your Tanks

BLT Tanks will purchase your tanks. We will pick them up at your location by the truck load. Each of our trucks has a crane so we can load your tanks. Call us, let’s talk about how we can help clean up the old tanks from your location.