Rebuilt Propane Tanks

About our Rebuilt Propane Tanks

Our top product is rebuilt propane tanks. We take tanks that are used and make them look like new at between 40 and 60 percent of the cost of a new vessel. Our rebuilt tanks serve every function that a new one serves, but because they are built from older tanks, they are actually a little stronger and are made of a better, thicker steel. We replace all of the old valves with new RegO® valves (some multi-valves are rebuilt), the same valves used on new tanks. Each of our rebuilt tanks comes with a one-year warranty, the same as our new tanks. Call for availability and pricing.

Additional Information

  • Call for dealer pricing on a full load of tanks. Full semi load delivery price, $5.15 per mile.
  • Most rebuilt tanks are equipped with a wet line, (hoses and regulators sold separately).
  • Other sizes and odd tanks available, call for availability & pricing.
  • We have locations in Kingfisher, Oklahoma and Brookings, Oregon.
  • We do NOT deliver single tanks or just a few tanks; we deliver only full semi loads.
  • We will not recommend dealers in other areas of the country,
    because we do not know if they sell tanks to individuals.

Contact us for more information

Rebuilt tanks are available in white.
Optional dome colors listed below.
Colored domes are only available on a full truck load of tanks.

Rebuilt Pricing per tank

120 Gallon

250 Gallon

330 Gallon

500 Gallon

1,000 Gallon

Prices subject to change.
Call for availability.