How we Rebuild Tanks

Our Process

Did you know that each of our rebuilt tanks undergoes the following process?

  • Licensed technicians replace all valves with new RegO® valves.
  • We kit the volume gauge with new stainless screws and seals, lubricate the gear and calibrate.
  • The tanks are blasted with #40 steel shot to remove all paint and any rust that may be on the tank.
  • Each tank is gauged with a metal pit gauge to determine that the tank is legal for rebuilding and visually inspected for any defects.
  • The manufacturer’s data plates are cleaned and coated with a marine varnish to protect them.
  • The tanks are painted with an oil base primer, then with an oil base finish coat that is hardened to extend paint life and shine.
  • Each tank is pressure tested with propane and treated with methanol.
  • The tanks are fitted with steel domes.
  • Tanks are shipped on padded racks, and the tie down straps are padded with foam to minimize paint scuffing during shipment.
  • We provide touchup paint that will match the customer’s colors.

BLT Tanks & H-I-S Paint

A partnership to produce attractive, high quality propane tanks.

The result of BLT Tanks’ modern production methods and careful attention to detail, along with H-I-S Paint’s cutting-edge tank coatings, is high-end propane tanks that are engineered to both perform and look great for years to come.

Aesthetically pleasing tank finishes that provide superior corrosion protection require not just high-quality coatings but painstakingly consistent application procedures as well. Each refurbished tank is steel shot-blasted, carefully inspected for defects, and – when found completely fit – coated with a polyurethane enamel that was specifically formulated for BLT Tanks.

Working with BLT Tanks, H-I-S Paint designed, tested, and implemented an advanced coating system tailored to BLT Tanks’ unique preparation and application process. For years, BLT Tanks had employed a conventional primer & topcoat alkyd paint system that provided very good long-term corrosion protection and overall tank appearance; however, with a business philosophy of constant improvement, BLT Tanks decided to pursue a more modern, technically advanced coating system that would provide additional corrosion protection, enhanced weatherability (long-term gloss & color retention), and increased overall coating toughness.

The outcome: with BLT Tanks’ help in testing, H-I-S Paint developed a high-solids, direct-to-metal, mastic polyurethane that not only accomplishes BLT Tanks’ coatings goals but does so with a single-coat product! Changing from two coats to one allows BLT Tanks to further streamline its production process which translates into savings for its customers – all while significantly improving its coating quality.

Did you know:

Our paints and coatings are tailored to our unique preparation and application process by H.I.S. Paint Manufacturing Company?